2.4 - Take A Breath

Sarah Charmoli

Sarah Charmoli

Sarah Charmoli is a breathing coach in Louisville, Kentucky under the name WE BREATHE. I kept hearing her name and practice come up in conversations so I gave her class a try. She holds workshops all over Kentucky and the world. The class I attended was held at the Louisville Salt Cave and it was an incredible two hours. For as mindless and simple as breathing is, she takes this practice to a whole new level and emphasises how important it is in our journey.

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1. Favorite book? I really loved Middlesex. Beautiful tale. 

2. Favorite podcast? Two Dope Queens. So silly. 

3. Favorite TV show? Sons of Anarchy usually tops my list. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of my new faves. I’m a bit of a TV head… too much to keep up with! 

4. Favorite Amazon find? These dresses save my life in the summertime. So comfy. And pretty! 

5. Favorite Instagram account? My sister’s. Always posting pics of my silly nieces.