3.3 - Leading With A Purpose

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I’ve never met someone so passionate about growing other people than Mike Hilton. Mike is such a positive person and an inspiration to be around. You will be instantly motivated to find your passion and take action today.

“Anytime we stubbed our toe it an obstacle, is really just a highlight reel in the making. If you never hit the obstacles, you will never really have the highlight reel.”

Mike Hilton believes that everyone has a responsibility to use their talents to positively impact the world around them.  This idea took root at the University of Dayton, a community based on servant leadership.  It gained momentum through teaching high school and playing an active role in the lives of emerging leaders.  It was published in Mike’s book, The Next Great You.  And it continues to take shape at home in Lexington, KY, a vibrant community that brings ideas to life.

At home in Kentucky, Mike is the proud husband and dad of Team Hilton.  He’s a believer in the powerful ability of food to bring people together, and is always looking for opportunities to break bread (or chili, or BBQ, or grilled things).  And when it’s time to recharge, all he needs is his hiking boots and a dirt path.

“Have the self-confidence to realize you are going to be able to handle that unexpected turn when it comes. It may hurt and it may not turn out the way you want, but you might as well just get walking and enjoy the ride a little bit. “

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1. Favorite book? 

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. Totally right book at the right time.  Steve Martin never set out to be great; at every stage, he genuinely tried to have the most fun doing what he loved.  From magician to comedian to musician, that authenticity shows.

2. Favorite podcast? 

Not sure I have one.  We're so music-centric as a family that anytime I get the earbuds in, I gravitate that direction.  I haven't found the podcast I absolutely have to have yet.

3. Favorite TV show? 

This could go a lot of directions, but right now it's Chef's Table on Netflix.  Food has this great ability to bring people together, and Chef's Table combines that with different individual's inherent passion for creation and innovation.  It's great.  And the 80's kid in me loves some Stranger Things.  

4. Favorite Amazon find? 

Maybe not the most earth-shattering find, but I just got the "Eat Local" Patagonia hat.  Supporting local food producers and restaurants is a big deal to us.  I fully believe that one of the biggest trends of the next 50 years is going to be the re-emergence of a food system built on local production, and try to support that as much as I can.  

5. Favorite Instagram account? 

My wife's.  It's all focused on our family, food and Lexington, KY.....like my 3 favorite things.  @erindhilton

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