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Ever since I met Leigh Weinraub several years ago, I have been captivated by her energy and quiet confidence. With even just the audio, I have a suspicion you’ll feel the same way.

“Fear is the universal roadblock for all of us. It’s just that each person develops their own unique, intricate system to coping with the fear and they develop a lot defense mechanisms and psychological coping strategies from very early on in their life to deal with that fear. Fear is inevitable and you can’t avoid it, and you have to learn how to cope with it.”

Leigh Weinraub is an entrepreneurial powerhouse and renowned speaker; a triple threat visionary with intelligence, passion and a lifetime desire to help others reach their personal best. She also still has a wicked backhand.

Leigh was an avid tennis player growing up, rising quickly through the national junior tennis ranks before accepting a full scholarship to play at Northwestern University. After graduation she coached the tennis teams at Dartmouth and Northwestern, leading the latter to consecutive Big Ten championships and a top three national ranking.

Through coaching she saw the need firsthand for using psychology in sports and enrolled in the Masters program at Northwestern for Counseling Psychology. Upon graduation she built a thriving practice, working with both athletes and non-athletes, using innovative “walk and talk” sessions to instill confidence and empowerment.

While working with a young athlete she wrote BREATHE upside down on the bottom corner of a shirt to help her focus during a tennis match. Others started asking for the same. So she printed dozens, her clients asked for more. Word got around and eventually sparked the Mind in Motion movement - apparel, accessories, bags and journals, all focused on the visual cues of words to remind each of us to be our best selves.

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“When the mind is focusing on and concise of positive words, you are going to increase the chances of having positive emotions which inevitable can create healing and strength.”


  1. Favorite book? Currently ...The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

  2. Favorite podcast? Selfish Podcast :)

  3. Favorite TV show? This Is Us 

  4. Favorite Amazon find? Obsessed with canned Smoked Trout from Trader Joe’s but it’s always sold out so I literally buy boxes of 12 of them at a time on amazon 

  5. Favorite Instagram account? @yourmindinmotion ...because it’s the one I put the most genuine energy and love into!!!!!

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