2.9 - Off the Clock

Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam

I love reading self-help books - specifically the ones that are going to give me tangible takeaways to improve my life. One topic I rarely see covered effectively is the act of time. Now, I’ve heard speakers talk about learning to say no and waking up an hour early, but what if I already do those things? That’s where Laura Vanderkam enters the scene - I saw her speak and after hearing from her I emailed her that night to continue the conversation, because I knew I had to share her message with all of you.

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1. Favorite book? I have many favorites, but the one I've reread most frequently is To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf. She packs a lot in to 200 pages. I get a lot of my book picks from Modern Mrs. Darcy (the blog) and her podcast (What Should I Read Next?)

2. Favorite podcast? Can I say my own? Best of Both Worlds, which I co-host with Sarah Hart-Unger, covers all the topics I want to see covered. We talk about succeeding at work and life and enjoying ourselves as well. 

3. Favorite TV show? I really don't watch TV. That's how I have time to read :) Perhaps my favorite TV show is anything that keeps my 3-year-old occupied.

4. Favorite Amazon find? Not a find per se, but Amazon Prime saves me a ton of time. I cannot imagine going to the store to purchase most random items we find we need in this house: a portable stove, a package of socks, light bulbs, a birthday present...

5. Favorite Instagram account? I enjoy the genre of celebrity baby Instagram accounts. Like Alexis Olympia Ohanian (aka Serena Williams' daughter). Cuteness is pretty much my main reason to open Instagram.