2.7 - The Art of Fitness and Life

Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II

Julian Hays II makes living a healthy life look easy. Julian has two secret weapons that he is going to talk to us about today. He uses sleep and nutrition to give people more energy, so they can move and evolve at a faster pace in life. After a year of going after his dream of becoming a doctor he realized he had a deeper calling and left the pursuit of medicine behind and started his company, The Art of Fitness & Life. He is also an author, a weekly columnist for Inc Magazine, and regularly appears on TV segments.

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1. Favorite Book? Man's Search For Meaning

2. Favorite Podcast? The Bill Simmons Podcast (as of right now)

3. Favorite TV show? This is a tough one & shows how far behind I am but I really loved House, M.D.

4. Favorite Amazon find? I'm terribly boring with my Amazon selections but I'm going with this bossa nova set of albums from various artists.

5. Favorite Instagram account? My Lisbon History