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Allison Jenks and Dana Peddicord loved doing hair and makeup and so they made it their job! I love hearing the story of the hard work they put into their company to make their dreams come true!

Allison Jenks is an award-winning hair and makeup artist, co-owner of BLUSH + GLOW, and blogger living in Lexington, Kentucky. With over 6 years of experience as a professional hair and makeup artist, Allison knows how to make you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day, or any day for that matter! Specializing in bridal updo’s, Allison’s work has been featured in numerous local, and national publications. She was recently featured on the cover of TOPS in Lexington as one of Lexington’s leading ladies. A newlywed herself, Allison understands what it is like being the bride, and is ready to help you plan your perfect bridal look. You can always find Allison with a purse full of bobby pins, ready to tackle any hair conundrum that occurs.

Dana Peddicord resides in Lexington, KY where she is a wife, mother, and co-owner of Blush + Glow. Having a background in pageantry, Dana learned from a young age that the right makeup and hair can really take you places. Packing her own set of sparkly tools, Dana loves working with Bridal, Maternity, Commercial clients, and beyond. If the occasion is special to you, its special to her, so never hesitate to get your glam on with Dana! Having her professional work featured in a number of local, state, and national publications including Southern Weddings Best Hair Stylist in the South, Dana has the experience and perfectionist attitude that will ensure you look perfect for your event. Dana is a lover of fashion, fitness, and spending time with family and friends. Her daughter, Grace, two puppies, of yes and husband… keep her on her toes but that’s why they make champagne, right? Dana looks forward to meeting and working with YOU!

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“We used to always say we will say yes now and we will figure it out later. You just kind of go with it. If it doesn’t work out, wash your face.”


  1. Favorite book? The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein

  2. Favorite podcast? The Goal Digger Podcast 

  3. Favorite TV show? Law and Order SVU

  4. Favorite Amazon find? My discontinued Christmas China, I love Christmas and China. 

  5. Favorite Instagram account? @malloryervin – hilarious, real, and inspiring. 


  1. Favorite book? As embarrassing as this is, I love the Twilight series. I have read them so many times! 

  2. Favorite podcast? The Influencer Podcast

  3. Favorite TV show? Ditto Dana, but also Greys Anatomy

  4. Favorite Amazon find? My travel makeup case, it is the perfect way to stay organized on the go. 

  5. Favorite Instagram account? That is so hard, I spend an absurd amount of time on Instagram. But I love @hairandmakeupbysteph

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