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André Wilson is a force - I love that he knows what needs to happen and he gets it done. Whether that is putting a fashion show on or being a brutal honest about your wardrobe.

“A trend is going to come and go. The low-rise skinny jean - that wasn’t for everybody. It really…trust me, it was NOT for everybody.”

André Wilson is President/CEO of Style Icon, LLC. Founded in 2010, the style, fashion and brand development company focuses on empowering men and women through style and non verbal communication.

In addition to personalized style consulting, Style Icon produces fashion shows, corporate seminars and fundraisers to raise money and awareness for non-profit organizations.

As a well-respected stylist and consultant with over 20 years of extensive industry knowledge of trends and non-verbal communication, André Wilson and Style Icon have appeared on E! News, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, People Magazine, US Weekly, USA Today and worked with celebrities Valerie Bertinelli, Kate Gosselin, and Sofia Vergara(Modern Family).

“Let’s start where you are. You have to give yourself some self-love right now, where you are. You are beautiful, you are breathing, you are alive. You are on your way to somewhere.”

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  1. Favorite book? Think and Grow Rich

  2. Favorite podcast? GaryVEE

  3. Favorite TV show? SOA (Sons of Anarchy) 

  4. Favorite Amazon find? My wife can answer this better than me. She’s addicted. 

  5. Favorite Instagram account? I have a few - MusikaFrere, Rachelzoe and Dapperdanharlem 

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