2.8 - Triggered

Alex Clark

Alex Clark

I first met Alex Clark when she started her radio career at the Louisville radio station DJX. Since then she has  appeared on Season 1 of the FOX show Coupled and has moved to Indianapolis where she co-hosts The Joe and Alex Show. She is now jumping into the viral video world with her opinionated clips entitled #Triggered. I love that Alex has an opinion and is able to defend it. Plus she has a connection to Matt Jones with Kentucky Sports Radio, so stick around to hear what’s going on there!

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1. Favorite book? The Time Travelers Wife

2. Favorite podcast? My Favorite Murder

3. Favorite TV show? The Office is my all time favorite, my latest favorite is Black Mirror

4. Favorite Amazon find? Therabreath mouthwash. It’s INSANELY good and will even hide garlic!

5. Favorite Instagram account? Future Female Leaders