2.10 - If You Only Knew

 Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey

When I started planning for Season Two I made a list of guests that I probably couldn’t get but would continue to dream about as I could only hope that one day it would finally come true. Jamie Ivey, host of The Happy Hour, was at the top of that list. I am elated to get to share her story with you today. There is really nothing else to say, you will just have to sit back and enjoy!

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1. Favorite book? Just Mercy

2. Favorite podcast? Ear Hustle

3. Favorite TV show? The Office

4. Favorite Amazon find? Leather Spanx leggings

5. Favorite Instagram account? John Crist

2.9 - Off the Clock

 Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam

I love reading self-help books - specifically the ones that are going to give me tangible takeaways to improve my life. One topic I rarely see covered effectively is the act of time. Now, I’ve heard speakers talk about learning to say no and waking up an hour early, but what if I already do those things? That’s where Laura Vanderkam enters the scene - I saw her speak and after hearing from her I emailed her that night to continue the conversation, because I knew I had to share her message with all of you.

Order Laura's book Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done here

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1. Favorite book? I have many favorites, but the one I've reread most frequently is To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf. She packs a lot in to 200 pages. I get a lot of my book picks from Modern Mrs. Darcy (the blog) and her podcast (What Should I Read Next?)

2. Favorite podcast? Can I say my own? Best of Both Worlds, which I co-host with Sarah Hart-Unger, covers all the topics I want to see covered. We talk about succeeding at work and life and enjoying ourselves as well. 

3. Favorite TV show? I really don't watch TV. That's how I have time to read :) Perhaps my favorite TV show is anything that keeps my 3-year-old occupied.

4. Favorite Amazon find? Not a find per se, but Amazon Prime saves me a ton of time. I cannot imagine going to the store to purchase most random items we find we need in this house: a portable stove, a package of socks, light bulbs, a birthday present...

5. Favorite Instagram account? I enjoy the genre of celebrity baby Instagram accounts. Like Alexis Olympia Ohanian (aka Serena Williams' daughter). Cuteness is pretty much my main reason to open Instagram. 

2.8 - Triggered

 Alex Clark

Alex Clark

I first met Alex Clark when she started her radio career at the Louisville radio station DJX. Since then she has  appeared on Season 1 of the FOX show Coupled and has moved to Indianapolis where she co-hosts The Joe and Alex Show. She is now jumping into the viral video world with her opinionated clips entitled #Triggered. I love that Alex has an opinion and is able to defend it. Plus she has a connection to Matt Jones with Kentucky Sports Radio, so stick around to hear what’s going on there!

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1. Favorite book? The Time Travelers Wife

2. Favorite podcast? My Favorite Murder

3. Favorite TV show? The Office is my all time favorite, my latest favorite is Black Mirror

4. Favorite Amazon find? Therabreath mouthwash. It’s INSANELY good and will even hide garlic!

5. Favorite Instagram account? Future Female Leaders

2.7 - The Art of Fitness and Life

  Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II

Julian Hays II makes living a healthy life look easy. Julian has two secret weapons that he is going to talk to us about today. He uses sleep and nutrition to give people more energy, so they can move and evolve at a faster pace in life. After a year of going after his dream of becoming a doctor he realized he had a deeper calling and left the pursuit of medicine behind and started his company, The Art of Fitness & Life. He is also an author, a weekly columnist for Inc Magazine, and regularly appears on TV segments.

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1. Favorite Book? Man's Search For Meaning

2. Favorite Podcast? The Bill Simmons Podcast (as of right now)

3. Favorite TV show? This is a tough one & shows how far behind I am but I really loved House, M.D.

4. Favorite Amazon find? I'm terribly boring with my Amazon selections but I'm going with this bossa nova set of albums from various artists.

5. Favorite Instagram account? My Lisbon History

2.6 - Life of the Party

 Lauren Chitwood

Lauren Chitwood

As the creative force behind Lauren Chitwood Events and Olio Event Group, Lauren Chitwood has spent the last ten years planning weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, social galas, and parties. With a client list full of Louisville, Kentucky’s who’s who in the corporate, social, and charity markets, Lauren Chitwood is the go-to girl to get it done. I’ve followed and admired her work for years and am so excited for you to get to hear how this chick tackles life.  

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1. Favorite Book (Ok I need two...) for Business - Start with Why by Simon Sinek and for Personal - The Wisdom on Sundays - Oprah Winfrey.

2. Favorite Podcast Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

3. Favorite TV Show CBS Sunday Morning

4. Favorite Amazon Find (So hard my entire life drop ships from Amazon) Ok, this is random, but I LIVE in these tunic tops. They have them in every color/ print imaginable (some chic, some not so much) but they are perfect length to cover my tush. I layer them over my workout clothes for the workday, I literally throw them on with a cool scarf/ jacket and a good looking shoe and I feel totally appropriate/ comfortable for my entire day. 

5. Instagram, another tough one... But I really enjoy following Bob Goff.... another INCREDIBLE book Love Does was hugely influential in my life and I'm always enjoying his amazing view of the world and find his content somehow to be just what I needed to see. 

2.5 - Brains Over Blonde

 Anna Frances Wood

Anna Frances Wood

Anna Wood is the founder and CEO of Brains over Blonde, a feminist lifestyle platform for women who refuse to choose between femininity and success. Brains over Blonde provides sassy, career and life advice through free content, tools, inspiration, and coaching.

Anna grew up in Silicon Valley and is obsessed with female empowerment, innovation, and leadership. She has a Stanford MBA and led sales at Google. She's worked with major brands including Netflix, J.Crew, and Airbnb. I’m so excited for you all to hear her amazing story!

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1. Favorite book? Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg (if you haven't read this, that's your homework)

2. Favorite podcast? My Favorite Murder - Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark (don't be creeped out)

3. Favorite TV show? The Bachelor(ette)... duh

4. Favorite Amazon find? These thank you cards! I always have these handy - so there's never an excuse!

5. Favorite Instagram account? Amanda Cerny - she's brilliant and hilarious

2.4 - Take A Breath

 Sarah Charmoli

Sarah Charmoli

Sarah Charmoli is a breathing coach in Louisville, Kentucky under the name WE BREATHE. I kept hearing her name and practice come up in conversations so I gave her class a try. She holds workshops all over Kentucky and the world. The class I attended was held at the Louisville Salt Cave and it was an incredible two hours. For as mindless and simple as breathing is, she takes this practice to a whole new level and emphasises how important it is in our journey.

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1. Favorite book? I really loved Middlesex. Beautiful tale. 

2. Favorite podcast? Two Dope Queens. So silly. 

3. Favorite TV show? Sons of Anarchy usually tops my list. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of my new faves. I’m a bit of a TV head… too much to keep up with! 

4. Favorite Amazon find? These dresses save my life in the summertime. So comfy. And pretty! 

5. Favorite Instagram account? My sister’s. Always posting pics of my silly nieces.

2.3 - A Shot of CoCo

 Colene Elridge

Colene Elridge

I saw Colene Elridge speak at a conference, and was immediately impressed with her wisdom and guidance. Recently I began following her on social media and I witnessed the power she has at being an encouragement for women to love and take care of themselves. Nicknamed Coach Colene, she has made it her mission to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives through focused coaching, workshops, and unique programming. Plus, she’s had lunch with Oprah - and she’s giving us the scoop on that - I can’t wait for you to hear her story!

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1. Favorite book? To Kill A Mockingbird and Find Your North Star

2. Favorite podcast? The Lively Show and Happier with Gretchen Rubin

3. Favorite TV show? Scandal

4. Favorite Amazon find? For Amazon Prime, The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel but actual product, America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It literally teaches you the best way to cook staples.

5. Favorite Instagram account? Busy Philipps cracks me up. Myleik Teele inspires me.