1.10 - Kat Meets Kale

 Kat Buening

Kat Buening

I read an article about Katrina Buening and her inspirational weight loss and how she is now helping women do the same thing. Her story is inspiring and I love her passion for life. She has become a successful entrepreneur because she focused on herself and teaches others to do the same. We also became long distance BFFs just in the short time that we spoke. Connect with Kat over on KatMeetsKale.com.

BONUS: Kat shared with us one of her favorite recipes below. 



**You can make this recipe without the crust or topping for a quick and easy treat in less than 5 minutes if you don’t wait for it to set up!**


2 Cups of Almond Flour

1/3 Cup of Butter, melted

3 Tbs of Swerve Confectioners All-Natural Sweetener

1/2 tsp of vanilla

Mix all ingredients together, it will be crumbly. Press down into a 9x9 pan and bake on 350 for 10 minutes and then let cool.


8oz Cream Cheese, softened

1/2 Cup Butter, softened

1/2 Cup Swerve Confectioners All-Natural Sweetener

1/2 tsp vanilla

Put cream cheese and butter in a large glass mixing bowl and put in microwave until softened. Then add Swerve and Vanillaand mix together with an electric mixer until fluffy. Pour and smooth on top of the crust and let set in fridge for 2 hours before serving.


Raspberries (or fruit of choice)

Swerve to desired sweetness

Mash up berries and add swerve to desired sweetness. You can also use frozen berries and let them thaw, then mash. I find they are sweet enough without any added sweetener because they are picked and frozen at peak ripeness. 


1. Favorite book? Only one??  That is REALLY hard because I have so many! I guess I would say Seize the Day by Joyce Meyer. I actually just finished it!  

2. Favorite podcast? Joyce Meyer Ministries

3. Favorite TV show? Currently binge watching Impractical Jokers, but favorite is Smallville, we just officially finished the WHOLE season! 

4. Favorite Amazon find? Wunder Brow - game changer!

5. Favorite Instagram account? @jolynne_whittaker

1.9 - Wicked Wisdom

 Alli Truttmann

Alli Truttmann

I saw Alli speak at a young professionals’ conference last year and I was so empowered after hearing her story. She had an idea, she acted on it, and it worked! She is now the Founder and CEO of Wicked Sheets. It’s the dream scenario! I’m so excited to get to talk to her today and dig deeper into her journey. If you want to get your hands on some Wicked Sheets, go to WickedSheets.com.

BONUS: If you use the coupon code WICKEDSELFISH you will receive 15% off your order.


1. Favorite book? Peter Pan

2. Favorite podcast? Invisibilia

3. Favorite TV show? Chopped

4. Favorite Amazon find? Wicked Sheets, of course :) No, really, an original copy of Steinbeck's Travels with Charley

5. Favorite Instagram account? @elvafields, @reesewitherspoon

1.8 - Peace, Love & Salt

 Nicole Bartlett

Nicole Bartlett

Nicole and I have been friends for close to 10 years now. For as long as I’ve known her, she has always practiced self-care. Recently she took the plunge and started Louisville Salt Cave. Not only is she following her dreams, her business encourages us all to take a break and breathe. Visit LouisvilleSaltCave.com to learn more.



1. Favorite book? A Continuous Harmony by Wendell Berry - I mailed this book to leaders I worked with when I was in the agriculture industry. It's just my mix of society, politics, agriculture and spirituality. 

2. Favorite podcast? I confess, I spend most of the time I get alone in silence - sometimes I'll stream Rufus Wainwright Pandora, and I love WFPK in the car, but that's about as far as I go with audible engagement.

3. Favorite TV show? FrazierI'm about 20 years behind on this one, but am just now patient enough to enjoy Frazier and Nile's witty banter. I'm growing to love each character. 

4. Favorite Amazon find? Dare I say diapers? It's the cheapest we've found them.

5. Favorite Instagram account? Anna Davey May - She's a young, local photographer who captures family and our city beautifully. Every photo she takes, and her captions around each one, move me. Check her out! 

1.7 - High Performance Coach

 Craig Williard

Craig Williard

This episode I interview a previous classmate of mine, Craig Willard. He is now doing some big things. He is owner of Craig Willard Coaching where he works with athletes, novice to pro, leaders and people that want to actualize dreams/goals and become mentally strong. Not to mention he is also a single dad to a precious nine-year-old daughter. I should mention Craig’s book is now out and available. Visit CraigWilliard.com to learn more.

BONUS: Mention Selfish when you book a session with Craig and receive a signed copy of his book.


1. Favorite book? Drive by Daniel Pink

2. Favorite podcast? The GaryVee Audio Experience

3. Favorite TV show? I gave up TV to increase efforts on my business and my book.

4. Favorite Amazon find? Amazon Prime - not a "thing," but who doesn't love Amazon Prime?

5. Favorite Instagram account? My friend @Mackatte, he has the best pictures from the neatest places.

1.6 - The Pie Queen

Brie Golliher - news.jpg

Brie and I are both alums of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. After graduating she and her husband Brad stayed there and put down roots. She is now famously known as the Pie Queen of Bowling Green. I know the food industry is hard work, but I can’t help but think she looks like she is having a blast whenever I see her Instagram posts

Visit burgerandpies.com to order some of her sweet treats. If you use the coupon code “selfish” you receive 10% off your order.

BONUS: The nest pie is one of Brie's most popular pies. It won the Duncan Hines Festival Best Dessert 2015 and she has shared the recipe with Selfish. It has a coconut macaroon crust and a fudge brownie filling.  

pie picture.jpg


CRUST ingredients

4 cups sweetened snowflake coconut

1/2 cups coconut

tossed together in a bowl

1/2 cup egg whites

1 tsp vanilla extract

mix together with your hands (its sticky but the best way!)

use 1/3 of the mixture to press in 6 greased mini tart pans (my oldest son Brady helped press them in for me)

Pre-bake until brown in a 325 degree oven

FILLING ingredients

1 stick unsalted butter

1 cup chocolate chips

Melt together in microwave

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup sugar

add to the melted chocolate

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

Stir-in until combined

Scoop into the mini pans

Bake until they begin to set (approximately 10 minutes)

Add the remaining crust to the edges and bake till the filling is puffed and the crust is browned.

Remember, if you don't want to make the pies yourself they are available for order at burgerandpies.com, they can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and you receive 10% off your order by using coupon code: "selfish"!


1. Favorite book? Stir

2. Favorite podcast? How I Built This

3. Favorite TV show? Friends

4. Favorite Amazon find? Kentucky cookie cutters

5. Favorite Instagram account? @Ellenmariebennett

1.5 - Broadway Spotlight

 Ruby Lewis

Ruby Lewis

This episode I interview Broadway star Ruby Lewis. When we spoke Ruby was in the process of wrapping up the Broadway show Paramour, she is now in Las Vegas starring in Baz. Ruby and I grew up doing theatre together at our local community theatre and high school and even had the chance to do a few shows together at Western Kentucky University. She followed her dreams and pursued musical theatre as a career. For someone that knows how difficult that industry is, she is brave, but she has the talent to back it up. You can visit rubylewis.com to follow Ruby’s journey.


1. Favorite book? Widow Basquiat

2. Favorite podcast? Broadwaysted!  (These are my friends, they do a great job)

3. Favorite TV show? Chef's Table

4. Favorite Amazon find? A TENS Massager (lifechanger)

5. Favorite Instagram account? @fluffypack (cute animals on the daily)

1.4 - Escape to Shape

  Erica Gragg

Erica Gragg

Being interested in self-care, one day I stumbled across Erica Gragg and her company Escape To Shape. A self-proclaimed gypsetters, Erica believes in a sophisticated yet down-to-earth way of living- blending traveling, local flavors, experiences and entertaining with balance & wellness. Her company creates a unique travel itinerary that serves as the perfect backdrop and platform for discerning guests to re-discover themselves while discovering a new culture. Listen to Erica's great insight then, go book your next travel experience with Erica at escapetoshape.com.

BONUS: If you mention Selfish, you will receive $300 off! 


1. Favorite book? Currently I am loving Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls - 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women. It's an excellent collection of inspiring stories about women. I have given it as a gift to my nieces & god daughters and enjoy reading it as well! 

2. Favorite podcast? Truthfully I don't listen to Podcasts as often as I should but I have enjoyed Serial & This American Life as well as TED Talks

3. Favorite TV show? I'm a binge watcher because I am not in the states that often these days, but when here I love to catch up on Game Of Thrones, Girls, House of Cards & The Americans. I am also a fan of watching documentaries or shows on places that we are gearing up to scout - National Geographic and Anthony Bordain, to name a few! 

4. Favorite Amazon find? Lotus Knot 100% Pure Rose Water - Skin Toner & Mist. I love this product- so hydrating and refreshing. Plus, Rose Water has so many benefits for your skin!

5. Favorite Instagram account? @tuulavintage - Her gypset style & travels remind me of someone I know! 

1.3 - Twirling

  Ty McBrayer

Ty McBrayer

Ty McBrayer is a previous colleague of mine. She actually interviewed me for my first job out of college, so I owe quite a lot to her. But truly, in my mind, as the owner of Twirl Boutique and Meant to Be Boutique, she is the epitome of someone that has followed their dreams and I can’t wait for y’all to hear about her journey. She took a leap of faith and it paid of ten fold. Y’all can visit TwirlBoutique.com or MeantToBeBoutique.com until you can make it to Lexington, Kentucky to see these stores in person. BONUS: If you mention Selfish, you receive $100 off a bridal gown!!


1. Favorite book? Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

2. Favorite podcast? The Megan and Rachel Show (Thanks, Allie!)

3. Favorite TV show? Fixer Upper, Modern Family and Game of Thrones (very diverse)

4. Favorite Amazon find? Amazon Prime Music!

5. Favorite Instagram account? @averageparentproblems