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Much ado about you


Although the last thing we want to be called is selfish, often times we need to be a little be more of it. In today’s go-go-go world, less and less time is spent on taking care of ourselves. You’ve heard the various sayings that inevitably all mean, “you can’t take care of others, until you’ve taken care of yourself.” NPR recently reported, "People are really hungry for knowledge. It's a relatively new idea in our culture that we would be paying attention to how we feel and using that as a kind of intelligence. It's something that's really waking up in our culture and our generation."


“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

―  Benjamin Franklin


Selfish is a podcast, hosted by Allie Martin. The show encourages focus on one thing: you! Each episode, various lifestyle and selfishness experts will guide us through the risk they took in being selfish and how we can improve our lives, one interview at a time. Join me on this journey of self-care.

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Allie Hembree Martin

Allie Hembree Martin would love to be called selfish, it's a compliment. With a broadcast journalism degree, Allie is on the hunt to find ways we can take better care of ourselves.

Allie lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Brandon and labradoodle-love Henna Sue. Her dream job is to be a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live.





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